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Looking for a new career?

Inspire Insurance Group is a life insurance agency that's dedicated to helping families protect their loved ones from financial burden or loss in the unfortunate event of death or tragedy. Our agency works solely with licensed independent agents who specialize in financial planning. With access to over twenty A+ rated carriers, we guarantee that our team has the expertise and resources to make a positive impact on families in every state in the U.S.

We're looking to bring on new licensed and non-licensed agents to help us fill requests from families who've inquired about life insurance. Our agency offers free training, flexible scheduling and unlimited mentorship. If you're interested in learning more about joining our agency, watch our agency overview video and then schedule an interview.

What We Offer

FREE Training

Inspire Insurance Group offers 100% free training to our agents. All online, in-person and mentorship has zero costs. We believe that our agents should have every resource available to them so that they can focus on helping families protect their loved ones.


Work From Anywhere

Our platform allows agents to serve families with appointments in-home and over the phone. This means that agents can work anywhere with Wi-Fi!

We love being able to train agents how to protect families from anywhere.

Overview Video

Agency Overview Video

Inspire Insurance Group is focused on helping families all over the U.S. Our top priorities are our clients and our agents & their families. We would not be able to make the impact that we do without our agents. There are BRAND NEW agents who are taking control of their lives and their time. We're helping them jump start their business and help over 20 families in their first month with us. We want our agents helping more families than they ever dreamed possible, while also being allowed to enjoy their lives with their own families while achieving financial independence.

If you truly enjoy helping people and believe that you deserve to be paid what you are worth and are willing to put in the hard work, then Inspire Insurance Group will probably be the best fit for you. Watch the video for the full rundown about our company!

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Final Expense

Final expense helps families cover burial/cremation costs. No one wants to burden their family with their final expenses. This type of insurance is designed to help families cover those costs.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection helps families cover their mortgage payments for however long they need after a loved ones death. This secures their home for however long they need.


Annuities give our clients the ability to protect their long term savings from potential loss due to market dips.

Indexed Universal Life

IUL's are a type of permanent life insurance that offers both a death benefit and a cash value component. These policies are a perfect option for those who want to grow their money without the high risk of loss.


Term offers larger life insurance coverage amounts with an expiration date in order to protection large assets such as a home or mortgage or a loss of household income.

Our Services

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watched the agency overview video.

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Our Team

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What are leads?

A lead is the information of a person who has inquired about our service. Leads come in several different forms. We collect leads from social media, online forms, direct mailers etc. Our agency has our own CRM that you can purchase different types of leads from every state in the U.S. Lead costs depend on how old they are and what type they are. The newer the lead, the more expensive it is. Our agents are not required to purchase leads or to use our lead vendor, since every agent is 100% independent they may use whichever lead vendor they prefer or choose to not purchase leads. Keep in mind, the majority of our agency buys leads. If you're not someone who knows a bunch of people who are willing to purchase life insurance, then you'll need to find a way to reach people who do, purchasing leads is the quickest and we believe, the most efficient way to reach that target demographic.

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Agent Testimonials
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Agent Testimonials


Alicia Andrade - California

Started in August 2021 | Former Trauma Therapist & Pilot
I could not be prouder to work with Marissa Mazziotti & Inspire Insurance Group. Being from a team of leaders who show strength, and allow for a culture of authenticity and professionalism is nothing short of phenomenal. Marissa is constantly putting herself in a place to be able to help all agents, especially in ways that will lead us all to Integrity. She is a remarkable leader of leaders, and has proven time and time again that HER team is HER family.
Why This Is The Best Place For You
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Why This is the Best Place For You!

High Commission

We start brand new agents at 100% commission because we believe that agents deserve to be paid what they're worth. Agents cannot focus on protecting families if they can barely provide for their own. Our agency takes pride in the work we do, so our focus is helping you do the best you can do.

Vested Renewals

At Inspire Insurance Group, your renewals are vested Day 1! You don't have to wait 3-5+ years like some of our competing companies. You completely own your book of business.

Hybrid Sales Model

Our business model allows agents to sell in-home and over the phone. Instead of having access to just one method of operation, our agents can choose face to face sales or telesales and even combine the two. They get to do what works best for their business at their discretion.

FREE Training

Here at Inspire Insurance Group, we offer FREE all-access training and mentorships with our Top Producers. We are focused on our growth as a team, so we make sure that every agent has the resources they need to succeed in this business. All of our training calls, conferences and conventions are completely free and open to everyone!

NO Fees

There are NO fees to work with our agency. Inspire Insurance Group does not charge agents initiation fees, monthly memberships, CRM fees or anything to work with us. We believe that it is our duty to provide agents with the best resources so that they can focus on protecting families and making an impact.


Our agency offers several different monthly bonuses to our agents. They range from production bonuses, team volume, carrier volume and more. You can qualify to get paid for the work you're already doing on top of your standard commission payments.

Warm Leads

Our agency offers a surplus of warm leads for agents to choose from. There are tons of different lead types ranging in cost. As an independent broker, you're also not required to use our lead CRM. You are more than welcome to use any lead vendor you'd like.

Direct & Fast Payment

Working with Inspire Insurance Group allows agents to get direct payments from our carriers. There is no middle-man and no wait. Once the policy issues, agents get paid direct deposit from the carriers in 1-3 business days.

Work From Anywhere

Our team of independent agents are able to protect families from anywhere. They can travel to help families in any state in the U.S. or they can protect families from anywhere with Wi-FI through our virtual sales platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IMO?

An IMO is an Independent Marketing Organization.
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